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About the project

On the streets, on public transportation, in front of shops and schools, in residential neighborhoods, surveillance cameras are multiplying. They register our daily routines while constantly improving their technology and intensifying their control.

In this context, the Sous-Surveillence.net project offers a tool for resistance. We make it possible for any city to easily create a local website mapping the locations of surveillance cameras, both public public and private, that are capturing and storing public space.

This mapping project is participatory, collaborative, and accessible from anywhere. It makes the proliferation of cameras visible while collecting as much information as possible about them. You can make this web site your own, a tool to resist, act, participate, share ideas, report back to others, and consult the latest announcements — all to reclaim the urban space that belongs to you.

Starting in Lyon, France, and spreading across France and elsewhere in Europe, the Sous-Surveillance.net project has now reached Seattle, Washington, USA. This site was launched in collaboration with the Seattle Privacy Coalition, a local advocacy group fighting for transparent government and protections for personal privacy. If your city is filling up with surveillance cameras and this makes your nervous, we invite you to get involved with our world-wide mapping project. Better yet, become one of its organizers! Start your own map for your own city! It’s your turn to resist needless surveillance, and we can help. You can reach us through contact@seattleprivacy.org.